Hey all, somewhat similar question to that above �...
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Hey all, somewhat similar question to that above 👆 but I'm using Amazon SES hooked up via custom smtp — it's preventing users from completing the auth flow but not preventing existing users from signing in — just wondering if somethings hiccuping on the Supabase side, or if I need to go digging into SES (though nothing is reporting fowl over there) —  Error is:
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code: 500
error_id: "f4d5968e-17e0-4129-b3fb-80e468a121e1"
msg: "Error sending confirmation mail"
If I disable custom smtp it works as expected.
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you are using magic link for auth or regular sign flow?
dannagain (2022-03-31)
can you confirm the domain is verified on aws ses console, the from email id?
also what port are you using?
Using Magic Link via
, port is 465 , domain is verified (an existing user account can sign in and receive magic link emails via the SES email)
Troubling thing is even if I try to manually create an invite via the Supabase dashboard it errors out if custom smtp is enabled, too.
https://github.com/supabase/supabase/issues/2983 this seems to have been resolved, someone from supabase can guide further?
Just out of curiosity I set up Sendgrid for this as well, fully verified, etc, and it's still having the same issue.
Nope nevermind it's working, but they're going to spam now. Anyway, issue resolved (sort of) so I'll go ahead and close this.
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