Schema is not correctly loaded


05/25/2023, 8:54 PM
When starting the database with
supabase start
the schemas are not correctly loaded. I used to get
FAILED: 500 - Database error querying schema
when accessing the database the first time after a restart. That wasn't a huge problem, as the next call would then usually work. (I'm guessing the error triggered a reload). However, since I added an edge function to my setup, I can't access the functions through the usual RPC calls anymore. (Interestingly, the edge function has full access to all functions). Only when I reload the cache (either using
docker kill -s SIGUSR1 <container>
or using
NOTIFY pgrst, 'reload schema'
from studio) can I access the functions again. I tried to add
NOTIFY pgrst...
to my seed script, but that didn't help. Does anyone have a tip on how I could easily reload the schema? I'm running the self-hosted supabase as part of testing, and I would need to do this in an automated way. Setup: - Supabase version 1.50.12 - Archlinux (fully up to date) - the supabase instance has non-standard ports.